Alexis Boyle

I am a multi-disciplinary artist creating in a range of media including painting, drawing, sculpture, fibres, photography, performance and installation. Big dreams and bad dreams inspire a spectrum of (e)motions explored in my work that range from bubbling, gurgling laughter to hidden and trembling shame. Braving the ripe and rotten I investigate the psychological and emotional debris of daily life and things left unsaid, using art to blurt them out loud. Much of my work focuses on bodies: soft, leaky, beautiful, and grotesque basins of surprises. I draw on familiar corporeal qualities and exaggerate them through variations of material and scale. Sometimes my creations are comfortingly sensual; other times uncomfortably sexual, but always open to playful interpretation. Some works are fashioned for sharing, handling, entering, or wearing and act as extensions of my desire to connect with others. I stage works that emphasize humour, tactility and surprise to invigorate a sense of embodiment and connectedness to the world. Throughout my practice I playfully address experiences of hope, joy, ecstasy, boredom, futility and doubt in the face of inescapable death.